Vitalic's third album Rave Age does not mess around. The French producer has made a beast of a record that takes the laser-guided disco for which he's known to an altogether wilder but no less euphoric place. This is a savage and carefree statement from a dancefloor visionary who's spent the last decade redefining electronic music in his own particular fashion and has decided, as only he can, to keep things simple.

"With this album I really wanted to play the songs live," says Pascal Arbez-Nicolas from his home in Dijon. "The music on my last album Flashmob was relaxed and it was difficult to work the tracks into the live set. This time I was really thinking about the show. I was not thinking about the press or hipsters. I make my stuff and the point is to make some funny stuff and to play it live - voila."

This sounds like fighting talk from Pascal, but having made his name with two exquisitely poised sets of romantic disco and searing techno, 2005's OK Cowboy and 2009's Flashmob, Rave Age finds the 36-year-old letting his hair down, so to speak, and composing tracks that came to him quickly, naturally, under no pressure. Written with the Mediterranean in mind in his home studio during the first half of 2012 and then mixed in Paris, Rave Age contains some of Pascal's most direct and powerful tracks: "Stamina", "No More Sleep" and "Lucky Star" are rubberised rave numbers primed for the club. The irresistible energy that whizzes through Rave Age can in part be attributed to Pascal's DJing, which he took up in 2009. "I've learnt what is effective when you play and what entertains me when I play," he says. "This album is what I want to play when I DJ."

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